Pringsewu is The Small Java of Sumatera

Hi Everyone! I will tell you about my village which called the small of Java that is Pringsewu. You want to know it? Let's check it out! Happy Reading~
Pringsewu is one of the district in Lampung province which is inhabited by a majority of Javanese people. Pringsewu, which in Javanese means thousands of bamboo. This district was approved as a district at the DPR Plenary Meeting on October 29, 2008, as a division of Tanggamus Regency. This district is located 37 kilometers west of Bandar Lampung, the provincial capital. Before it was approved as a district, Pringsewu entered the Southern Lampung regency. Pringsewu called the small Java of Sumatera, That's because of the village that was there. Names of its village like Pringkumpul, Pringkumpul, Tambak Rejo, Purworejo, Wonosobo, Tempel, Sidoharjo hingga Yogyakarta and Klaten. If you stop in Pringsewu and talk to people who live in Pringsewu, you will find people who pringsewu in Javanese and heavy Javanese accents. Okay, now let…
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